• The Power of Sharing a Meal





    Kitchens with Compassion is set up by Leon Aarts. Founder of With Compassion and Calais Kitchens.

    After cooking and delivering 650,000 meals for London's most vulnerable people, saving hundreds of tons of surplus food from going to waste. We humans have long more connections and understanding.

    Creating a more beautiful world through the power of sharing a meal.
  • "In a world where the growing gap between human beings is ever wider sharing a meal with others has the power to shift our perceptions, to expand our views of equality and connection, 

    and to take this away from the table.


    The simple act of getting to know others around the table holds transformative powers. Kitchens with Compassion creates a more beautiful world through the power of sharing a meal whether that’s in our homes, in a restaurant, in an open space or our communities." - Leon Aarts


    Kitchens with Compassion will organise meals, events and pop-ups to create a more beautiful world creating more connections and understanding always with food and sharing at the heart of what we do.

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  • Our Story

    It was after Leon's time spent in the refugee camp in Calais in 2015 and 2015 that he realised the power of sharing a meal. He made it his mission to bring more people together around a table using the transformative powers food has to create a more equal and just world.


    More about Leon.

    With Compassion

    In March 2020, Leon started With Compassion also called Compassion London. An initiative which saw hundreds of volunteers coming together. 

    With Compassion has now joined the Felix Project.

    Calais Kitchens

    A Refugee camp in France - Summer 2015. Thousands of Refugees were on the move and no-one saw it coming.

    No governmental support or large agencies, but a group of committed human beings...

  • More About Leon

    No-one to Bed Hungry


    Leon is a true philanthropist and humanitarian.

    Food has been a red thread through Leon's life and his earliest memory is that of having Easter lunch in his grandparents dining room. 

    From becoming a chef in Michelin starred restaurants to owning his own fine dining restaurant to being a fine food wholesaler in London his real insights came when he went to the Jungle in France. The infamous refugee camp.

    What he learned there became the basis of everything he does now. His purpose is No-one to Bed Hungry and he believes his life is his message.

    Kitchen with Compassion brings every thing together he has done in his life.



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